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Solid Industrial Solutions offers a full line of industrial services centered on pre-commissioning, commissioning and maintaining industrial assets. Our field staff are true technical professionals with the skills, training and experience to develop and deliver effective, efficient and safe solutions. We provide service to various industrial sectors including petrochemical and refining, midstream and forestry and mining.

Our service lines include:

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning

Pre-commissioning and commissioning are vital processes in ensuring timely, cost effect production starts and getting the most out of critical systems. The goal of this project phase is to prove system integrity and quality so that client processes get up and running on time and on spec.

Maintenance and Turnarounds

Our maintenance and turnaround services are centered on helping clients deliver safe, efficient and effective results in their operations. We are focused on developing tailored solutions and ensuring that those solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

Pipeline Services

Our pipeline services help clients manage the integrity of their systems throughout their lifecycle. Our focused planning and professional field staff deliver consistently high-quality results.