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Pond Maintenance

Ponds are best cleaned periodically but not necessarily every year. Because of this, the service of dredging and inspecting the liner is often forgotten until the last minute. We are able to offer full service and maintain any pond. We are able to dredge, centrifuge, drain, inspect, repair, refill, filter, heat, and finally control any algae issues during it’s operation.

Degassing / Decontamination

During shut downs and outages it is often required to fully clean out vessels and systems prior to any maintenance activities can occur. We are able to clean and remove any dangerous contaminants to the system utilizing steam and/or chemicals being directed through the systems. Designed to remove many different contaminants, the most common include: H2S, pyrophorics, LELs, ammonia, and more.


Nitrogen is the primary fluid used to perform LEL freeing, critical system drying, and inerting of process piping networks. Nitrogen provides several benefits to the plant due to its relative transportability, availability, flow and temperature control, and non-reactive nature. Solid Industrial Solutions has the experience, and capabilities to meet any of your nitrogen requirements.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning can be used on any pipe system to remove surface contaminants by absorbing them into a solution. Depending on the required cleaning we will work with our clients to ensure that they receive a chemical clean that will achieve the results that they want.

Oil Flushing

All pieces of rotating equipment should be prepared accordingly prior to being put into operation. The most common method to do so in large scale applications is by performing a high velocity oil flush. Doing so is not always as simple as connecting a pump and filter to piping and flushing. We will also analyze the system prior to execution to ensure that turbulent flow is being met to ensure a maximum cleaning efficiency.


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