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Pressure testing pipelines is a technique used to test the strength of the construction materials of the pipeline or to test the system for leaks.

Testing the strength of a system is most commonly performed as a post construction quality assurance check to ensure that materials used to build the system meet the specifications reported in the material test reports and joint inspection reports. High pressure strength tests may also be conducted through the operational phase of the pipeline to confirm the integrity or apply for changes to the license.

Leak tests, while still considered high pressure tests, are typically conducted at lower pressures than strength tests. The purpose of these tests is to confirm that the mechanical connections in the system are holding and confirm that the system has not been compromised due to suspected corrosion or a line strike.

In both strength tests and leak tests it is critical that a proper procedure be in place to mitigate the hazards associated with the high pressures and that the test data be properly recorded for regulatory purposes. The testing can be performed using various liquids and gases depending on the requirements or the testing a thorough analysis of system is required to determine the most effective method.

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