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Pipeline pigging is an integral part of the commissioning, and maintenance routine of a process pipeline. Whether the requirement is for the removal construction debris, moisture, or pre service pressure testing. Solid Industrial Solutions has the experience and expertise to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Nitrogen (Pigging)

When a higher pressure or inert atmosphere is required during a pigging operation nitrogen is typically the fluid of choice. For fluid applications such as hydro-testing, external pumps may be required to fill and test the system. Depending on the requirements of the pipeline, Solid industrial Solutions is prepared to develop and plan the pipeline pigging plan to meet industrial standards while achieving your expectations.


Dewatering is a simple process, but must be handled with care in order to protect the environment from unexpected spills. Whether you require a moisture free piping system, or need to transfer large volumes of liquid over a distance, Solid Industrial Solutions is poised to meet your project needs.Water Pump

Hydro Testing / Leak Testing

HydrotestUpon completion of any system it is often a requirement to test the system’s structure. We are able to work with tanks, piping, and vessels to perform the required test to prove their integrity. Including but not limited to pneumatic testing, hydrotesting, helium leak detection, and other options to satisfy our customers.



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