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Pre-commissioning is a project phase that occurs after the construction of piping and process systems but before process products are introduced into the systems. The primary purpose of pre-commissioning is to ensure the integrity of systems and to ensure that systems are free of debris and contamination that could damage equipment and delay the start-up of the system. Pre-commissioning helps ensure project returns on investment reducing start-up delays and ensuring the operability of critical equipment, which maximizes system up-time.

Solid Industrial Solutions has the professional and technical staff necessary to design, manage and execute pre-commissioning strategies that reflect cost effectiveness, scheduling, quality and reduction of project risk. We have the experience, knowledge and integrity to provide our clients with dependable solutions based on years of experience and a truly professional field staff.

There are several general techniques that we commonly tailor to our clients’ systems based on the specific system characteristics and these included:

Air Blowing

Air blowing is considered to be the simplest, quickest, and most cost effective cleaning method (generally). Air BlowIn order to be done effectively it is required to calculate the Cleaning Force Ratio (CFR) for each blow point to ensure that you are cleaning out more debris that would be moved during peak operation (CFR > 1.5). To do this we employ the use of Air Receivers, Quick Opening Valves, Oil Free Dry Compressed Air, and various temporary fittings and hoses. With this equipment we will pressurize the system and utilize the stored energy to push out any debris that could cause damage to the sensitive equipment downstream which could cause a hazardous and very costly repair.

Steam Blowing

Steam blows are required on most steam lines as well as aSteam Blowny system that goes to a turbine. We will calculate the CFR for a steam blow to ensure we are able to remove as much of the debris that will be moved during operation (CFR > 1.2). The execution of a steam blow is done by installing temporary piping and directing the flow towards our Steam Receivers. Generally, the steam is produced by the plant and we will work in cooperation with the steam operators to ensure the appropriate flows.

Oil Flushing

All pieces of rotating equipment should be prepared accordingly prioOil Flushr to being put into operation. The most common method to do so in large scale applications is by performing a high velocity oil flush. Doing so is not always as simple as connecting a pump and filter to piping and flushing. We will also analyze the system prior to execution to ensure that turbulent flow is being met to ensure a maximum cleaning efficiency. Proving the system clean is done either by automatic particle counters or by manual microscope analysis on filter paper.

Hydro Testing / Leak Testing

Upon completion of any system it is often a requirement to teFinal-31st the system’s structure. We are able to work with tanks, piping, and vessels to perform the required test to prove their integrity. Including but not limited to pneumatic testing, hydrotesting, helium leak detection, and other options to satisfy our customers.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning can be used on any pipe system to remove surface contaminants by absorbing them into a solution. Depending on the required cleaning we will work with our clients to ensure that they receive a chemical clean that will achieve the results that they want.

Fluid Pumping

High velocity flushing is a simple application that can be used on large bore piping to remove as much debris as possible. This same application is used for boiler feed water flushing, glycol flushing, or water flushing.


Dewatering is a simple process, but must be handled with care in order to protect the environment from unexpected spills. Whether you require a moisture free piping system, or need to transfer large volumes of liquid over a distance, Solid Indutrial Solutions is poised to meet your project needs.

Fluid Heating

In sub zero conditions it can be extremely important to have warm fluids to keep operations underway. Our personnel have personally managed projects from small heat projects of hydrotest medium at test temperature in sub zero conditions to large scale projects heating large ponds for the duration of winter. There are no limitations to what can be heated.


Besides oil flushing, many other services will require filtration. Setting up a slip stream on a live system or connecting in external filters full bore into the clients system is often required at many locations. We are able to accommodate either and achieve filtration down to zero microns absolute.



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