Working Safely is our Priority

No activity is so important that when completing the task, we jeopardize our workers, our partners, the public or the environment. If a task cannot be done safely, it simply is not done. Each and every member of our company, whether management or field personnel, incorporate safe work practices into all their activities. All employees understand their responsibilities when it comes to working safe and have been empowered to stop any activity if they feel there is a potential risk to people, equipment, materials or the environment. Safety at work is not only a requirement of, but also a conversation with, those involved, ensuring that everyone understands what must be done and why it is so important.

We strive to exceed industry standards through education and continuous improvement, incorporating the latest technologies and seeking opportunities to engineer hazards out of our daily tasks. While minimum standards are important to protect the safety of our teams, we encourage our personnel to go further by attending any relevant training that may help them in their endeavors. Solid Industrial Solutions provides strong leadership and accountability in all areas of our business. We also ensure systems and processes are implemented to properly identify hazards and risks (including a monitoring and reviewing process).

Solid safety Record 

We have and will continue to have an industry leading ‘Solid’ safety record, something of which we are very proud. While it is important to learn from our mistakes, it benefits all to prevent them before they occur. This is why we monitor for any leading indicators that come from our operations, including:

  • Near Miss Reports
  • Hazardous Condition Reports
  • Behavioural Observations
  • Safety Meetings and Feedback
  • Pre-use and Regular Inspection Results

While holding the correct vision and direction of our commitment to safety is important, so is ensuring that its implementation is effective. Our record in safety is validated through maintaining approved memberships in various safety qualification and certification organizations.

  • What Safety means to us

    When thinking of all the reasons of why we work safe, there are times when a physical reminder can help to keep us on track. This is where Solid Industrial Solutions’ Safety Token can be useful in keeping our minds focused on what is important to us.The origin of the first tokens, or coins, were used by military to provide a reminder of commitment and team. In the same way, this token is a reminder to all at Solid Industrial Solutions that we are one team with one goal – to do our job safely, and with “Honesty, Integrity and Communication". Every time they reach into their pockets and touch the token they are reminded of who and what is depending on them: their families, partners, teams, and communities.

We Believe in Making Safety a Priority. Always.